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            The Institution of Federal Insurance Ombudsman was established by the Federal Government under Insurance Ordinance, 2000. Thereafter, first Federal Insurance Ombudsman was appointed and the Federal Insurance Ombudsman’s Secretariat was established in 2006.

The preamble of the Insurance Ordinance 2000 is to regulate the business of the insurance industry, to ensure the protection of the interests of insurance policy holders and to promote sound development of the insurance industry and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. Subsequently, the function and powers of the Federal Insurance Ombudsman was strengthened under the Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act, 2013.

The aim of this Institution is to develop a modern and sound oversight mechanism based on equitable principles to take cognizance of maladministration in Insurance Industry of Pakistan and to provide judicious protection of interest of Stakeholders in Insurance Industry.

Federal Insurance Ombudsman since its inception is providing timely & free of cost justice to the affected people against maladministration of the Insurance Companies and providing relief to the aggrieved public at their doorsteps as per the essence of Insurance Ordinance, 2000 and Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act, 2013.

As the jurisdiction of Federal Insurance Ombudsman is extended to all over Pakistan, as such its core duty is to relief the aggrieved insurance policyholders of all over Pakistan against their complaints arising out of the mal-administration of Insurance Companies. Therefore, this Institution enhanced its existence through awareness via print and electronic media including organizing Seminars, visiting of Chambers of Commerce and held meetings / programs with the prominent members of business community and semi-government / private organizations.


The efforts to enhance awareness campaigns of this Institution make fruitful results and succeed to attract the attention of general public towards to resolve their grievances from mal-administration of Insurance Companies at this Forum. In result thereof, the graph of filing complaints of aggrieved policyholders has been increasing day by day.


On account of increasing volume of filing complaints from every corner of Pakistan, this Institution in exercise of powers of having jurisdiction of all over Pakistan operating to create Regional Offices considering the ratio of filling complaints from the Regions. Therefore, the Regional Offices were established step by step keeping in view the ratio of filing complaints. At present, FIO Secretariat, Karachi and six Regional Offices are established at Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta and Sukkur at Hyderabad and functioning. These Offices are providing free of cost justice to the aggrieved policyholders to their doorsteps and within 60 days as per provision of Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act, 2013.


In order to facilitate the Policyholders / Complainants, this Institution provided video conferencing facility for personal hearing of their complaints at the nearest station and also used the technologies like online system for filing of  complaints, respond queries and status of complaints through email and SMS.

Besides, a help line No. 1082 has also been got registered to facilitate the Complainants to easy approach, get information and outcome of their complaints.