Federal Insurance Ombudsman, Muhammad Raeesuddin Paracha called on President Dr. Arif Alvi at the Aiwan-e-Sadr

President Dr Arif Alvi met the Federal Insurance Ombudsman, Muhammad Raeesuddin Paracha at the President House. During the meeting, Mr. Paracha briefed the President about the organization’s annual and overall performance and told him that due to the awareness campaign launched by the institution, the number of complaints lodged regarding non-payment of claims by insurance companies and bank insurance has increased over time.

He said the institution of Federal Insurance Ombudsman implements the current government’s vision of timely and cheap justice. Mr. Paracha briefed that after Islamabad and Lahore, other regional offices in Multan and Peshawar have also been opened while more offices will be opened to cover other regions of Pakistan.

Mr. M. Raeesuddin Paracha Federal Insurance Ombudsman

Federal Insurance Ombudsman Mr. M. Raeesuddin Paracha is a seasoned and highly professional Bureaucrat having served in various key federal and provincial assignments for over 35 years

He has a vast and varied experience of working in top administrator positions in the capital having served in various major and important ministries. Apart from his administrative expertise, he also has a vast judicial and investigative experience as he remained in Wafaqi Mohtasib as Provincial Chief of Sindh and Balochistan

He was appointed as Federal Insurance Ombudsman in November, 2015. In his capacity as Federal Insurance Ombudsman he has made a memorable contribution in just less than four months.

After taking Oath of Office from the Honorable President of Pakistan in a Special Ceremony at Aiwan-e-sadr as Federal Insurance Ombudsman, Mr. M. Raeesuddin Paracha with all his dedication and devotion succeeded to improve the perception of this highly important institution and its recognition amongst general public and specially in the business circle. Establishment of Regional Offices at Islamabad and Lahore in this short span of time is a land mark contribution under his leadership, which leads to provide speedy and free of cost justice at the doorstep of the aggrieved complaints of the Punjab, KPK and Azad Kashmir and its vicinity. Under his dynamic leadership, Federal Insurance Ombudsman Secretariat launched an elaborate media campaign to create awareness amongst general public and to attract complainants having genuine grievances against the maladministration of Insurance Industry, which resulted in a significant increase in number of complaints.

Message from Honorable Federal Insurance Ombudsman

Welcome to the Federal Insurance Ombudsman website. My team is always here to help you resolve your grievances against the insurance companies. We would ensure prompt redressal of your grievances. Your feedback is most welcome in improving our services.

Recent Complaints

Complaint No Date of Decision Disposal
GRW/0000455 30/05/2019 Complaint Referred to other Authority
WMS-0000455 30/05/2019 Complaint Referred to other Authority
WMS-0000455 30/05/2019 Complaint Referred to other Authority

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